Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weekly Training Log - Week 10

Tuesday - 4.3 around the work neighborhood.  Thank you Daylight Savings Time for giving me more running options.
Thursday - 4 pretty speedy ones around the lake.  This one felt good.
Friday - 3 miles with 1/4 mile intervals around the work neighborhood.  This area has some of those subtle hills; the kind you don't really notice until you start running.  I probably would have met with greater success if I had gone to a track or down to the nice, flat lake.
Sunday - 8 miles!  Longest run year to date.  The first two miles were slow but I got into a rhythm and just plodded along.  Miles 7 and 8 were far and away my fastest.  I think I need to start trusting myself to go out faster at the beginning so I can get my pace down.  I am always worried that I won't have enough energy to finish if I start off too fast.  Also, maybe a dinner of movie popcorn and Swedish Fish the night before wasn't the smartest nutrional move to make.

Total mileage 19.30 


Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

Oh hey I see you are running in seattle!! There are a bunch of us running and planning to meet up, always love to find new runners!

Fishergirl said...

That's a lot of running. Good job!