Saturday, March 6, 2010

Monthly Weigh In

OK, I am weighing in weekly but I am only going to post the weight numbers once a month because I don't want to have to justify a week where there might be a gain or a smaller loss than I expected.  

Since my last blogged weigh-in on February 3 I have dropped another 3.6 pounds which brings my total weight to 171.2.  More significantly I didn't blow my progress out of the water the weekend in Vancouver.  I also discovered that my biggest trigger for eating poorly is lack of sleep.  When I am tired it is insanely hard to keep me from stuffing junk food in my face.  But I did resist this month.  My body desperately wanted me to pull through the Burger King drive-thru after work but I talked myself down.  Talked myself down the entire hour drive home.  The. Entire. Drive. Home. But I did resist.

Here are the happy totals:
Starting Weight (12/29/09): 185
Current Weight (03/03/10): 171.2
Pounds Lost: 13.8

I am setting my goal on earning the coveted Weight Watchers 10% key ring in March.  I need to work my ass off (ha!) but I think it is do-able this month. 

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