Wednesday, March 31, 2010

In the Ghetto

It hasn't all been running around these parts lately.  There has been much doing of little projects and helping of the parents.  This last weekend was mostly project doing but we did manage to go the ballet on Friday night and saw four truly amazing pieces.  OK, three amazing pieces and one pretty cool one.  When I started watching ballet I preferred the more classical "tutu" ballet but now I like the more modern pieces.  They are more athletic and powerful and they give the men more to do than just hold a ballerina while she spins.  If you ever get the chance to see any of Ulysses Dove's works you really should.

But the main focus of the weekend was projects including de-ghettoing our wee, tiny "yard".  When I moved in late last summer I threw everything from my old balcony in the backyard and there it sat throughout the winter.  Our yardwork consisted of averting our gaze from the trash pit we had created.  However, now it is Spring and time to make the backyard pretty.

Here are the before pictures.  Please don't judge us for our yard o' trash and don't tell the people that run the committee for Eastsiders...they might kick us out.

Any suggestions on what to plant in the whiskey barrel?  It gets some sun where we moved it to.  Maybe an herb garden?  Then I could grow enough basil to roll around in it.

We actually got quite a lot accomplished but I don't have after photos yet because we aren't even close to a proper after picture.  We still have pavers to place under the bird feeder, the pond to dig, powerwashing and a few plants to plant.  Sadly, there will be no time this weekend to work on it.  The goal is to have it done by Memorial Day.

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Kath said...

Maybe some kind of easy-to-grow decorative grasses? Sunset had a feature on stuff like that a while ago...

We just grew flowers in our barrel. : )