Wednesday, March 10, 2010

10 Happy Reasons

This has been all running and sickness lately so I feel the need to bust out a list of small happy things that have happened in the immediate past or will happen in the immediate future.  Since I do truly believe that this really is a wonderful life here are 10 tiny recent reasons why in no particular order.
  1. NECCO is bringing back their "classic" flavors of candy hearts next year in addition to their new craptacular flavors.  Woo-hoo!
  2. I got a fabulous haircut that is the first one in a long time that I really love.  She threw on some highlights too.  A good haircut is almost as good as the knee-high, high-heeled, black boots feeling.
  3. I ran across (but luckily not over) the cutest little lizard on my run in the woods on Saturday.  I wanted to pick him up and squeeze him and take him home but realized he would quickly be eviscerated by the kitties so I left him to wander the woods in peace. 
  4. We now have a Tivo.  Tivo is good.
  5. Kevin did not electrocute himself when he drilled through an electrical wire while installing garage shelves on Saturday.  Live boyfriend + more storage = awesome.
  6. Dave Alvin (my favorite musician of all time) is coming to the The Tractor on Monday night.  It will be a great night of music, PBR and hanging out with the boys (Kevin, my bro, my friends Todd and Dan).
  7. Sunday I am running my seventh St. Patrick's Day Dash.  This was the first race I ever ran and is kind of the unofficial kick-off to the "running season".  It is very festive, throngs of people all pepped up and everybody has a good time.  Bonus:  it shouldn't be snowing this year!
  8. New sports bras.  I balk at spending good money on these but, man, what a difference quality makes.  No more permanent marks on my chest from chafing.  Also, they are bright and white and haven't taken on the grayish dinge of a thousand washes yet.
  9. Flowers, flowers everywhere. 
  10. Lady GaGa.  I am not ashamed.


aeep said...

2.Never known that feeling but seems wonderful
3. Like
4. It is good! The badoop-badoop-badoop sound is music to my ears
5. Like
6. Neutral
7. Dislike (only cause I’m missing it, have a great run!)
8. LOVE. That is the best money ever spent in my opinion
9. Love
10.(like, I’m ashamed)

aeep said...

Excuse me, race report please?