Monday, March 1, 2010

Weekly Training Log - Weeks 6 and 7

OK, I am a little behind with these but I have (mostly) been doing the work.

Week 6
Sunday - 3 uneventful miles
Monday - 5.6 strong miles at the lake.  These felt seriously good.
Wednesday - 3.5 on the treadmill.  There were some great Olympic moments on TV that night that made this much easier.  I also did 1/4 mile intervals which I had never done on the treadmill before.  I wasn't sure I was going fast enough for the intervals but by the end my legs were getting very rubbery so I figured I did alright.
Thursday - Yoga.  Didn't get into this one; just wasn't feeling it at all.
Total weekly mileage:  12.1

Week 7
Wednesday - 6 miles at the lake.  These are faster by about 22 second per mile then the same distances this time last year.  This was one of the best runs I have had in recent memory.  The kind where you find yourself breaking into smiles and you feel like you are floating and can run forever.  *sigh*  Sadly, these can be fleeting.
Thursday - Blew off yoga class to go home and run 3 sucky treadmill miles.
Friday - 4 sucky miles.  I forgot I was supposed to be doing speedwork but there was no way my legs were going to handle it. 
Saturday - 3 marginally less crappy miles on the treadmill.  I was supposed to go 4 but the idea of one more mile on that thing and one more minute in the garage was making my skin crawl so I called it a night.

Total weekly mileage:  16

I really need to get my running days spread out because I know that I am not as effective if I bunch them all together.  Besides, that just seems like an injury waiting to happen.  Hopefully after this week (where I overbooked myself again) I can get into a more reasonable running rhythm.  Also maybe start the cross-training I have been neglecting.

Week 8 should be a new weekly mileage record for me.  Woo-hoo!

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