Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Veggies Are Here! The Veggies Are Here!

I used to serve as kind of a fruit and vegetable hospice.  I would buy the lettuce or the pepper at the grocery store and bring it back to live out the rest of its existence in the comfort of my vegetable crisper.  Nothing was asked of it and it was allowed a dignified death; if by diginified death you mean turning to squish in my refrigerator. But no more.  I have turned a corner (or a new leaf one, who is punny could say) and have began to embrace vegetables.  While Kevin was gone for a month I even, of my own volition, cooked and consumed broccoli.  Twice. I know, I know, who is this person and what have you done with Ann-Marie?

In the spirit of new, healthier food discovery I signed us up for a CSA last week.  CSA is Community Supported Agriculture for those not familiar with the acronym.  Our first delivery from our CSA came this morning and I am very excited about our produce.  OK, this isn't a CSA in the most technical sense of the word and yes I am aware how geeky being excited by produce is.  They do get product from outside their farm especially during the winter and early spring when not a lot is growing around these parts  They partner with mostly Washington and neighboring states but also with other producers.  It doesn't meet the locavore standard but I am not trying to be a locavore.  Besides, fresh produce from this region this time of year will pretty much be crap I don't want to eat; asparagus anyone? 

The produce is all certified organic and comes highly recommended by my friend Liane who has been a customer of theirs for awhile. 

Our box of happy that was delivered sometime before dawn this morning.

The contents of our box: 
  • Four Cameo apples (I ate one today so there are only three in the picture)
  • Four D'Anjou pears
  • One pound zucchini
  • Tomato
  • One pound potatoes
  • One bunch carrots
  • One bunch French breakfast radishes (who the hell eats radishes for breakfast? *le sigh*)
  • Four Valencia oranges
  • Two Meyer lemons (I have been wanting to try these for awhile.  They included a recipe for a lemon/chocolate tart that I might make for this weekend.)
  • One bunch green chard (any cooking suggestions?)
  • One bunch Romaine lettuce
  • One cucumber (for which Kevin is wholly responsible to eat)
You can permanently omit up to five items and we chose to never receive asparagus, avocado, cauliflower, mushrooms and okra.  You can also customize your order each order period if you want to make substitutions.  There might need to be beet substitutions in the future.  We are getting the small shipment every two weeks.  Once the tasty summer fruits and veggies start pouring in I might consider a weekly shipment though.

Seriously, any ideas what the hell to do with chard?  I don't care much for cooked greens as the texture is a little too close to mucous.


aeep said...

We're bad and dumb friends. We've been doing this for a a month and I'd been a FCF customer for a year or so when I lived in Kirkland. It's pretty cool. Do you guys pick yours up or have it delivered?

I'm not 100% sure it's a value add but I like the CSA part of it

The Devil's Starchy Fingers said...

Not bad, only dumb. ;-) Liane got the $30 referral credit that you guys could have had!

I don't know if we are saving money either but I like the idea of it and the price is still reasonable. Besides, it pushes us outside our vegetable comfort zone.

We are having it delivered because it is one less errand to run and because it is fun to open up your door and find a box of food sitting outside. The cost difference is negligible anyway.

How often are you getting yours and what are your exclusions?

liane said...

You could use it in a pasta sauce. Saute garlic in olive oil, add chard(that you have cut into small strips. cook for about 2-3 minutes until it's a more vivid color, not a dark smeary mush. add tomato paste or sundried tomatoes, some lemon juice, chicken(pre-cooked by you), throw it over pasta, maybe add some nuts or parmesan. voila. It is great in soups too. I like it with scrambled eggs with the same recipe beginning as the pasta sauce. I have a veggie specific cookbook for you. You can pass it on when you feel done with it.
ps.If your chard is snott-like, you are cooking it too long.

Kath said...

I suppose you could whirl chard into your green smoothies, but I'm not sure how it would turn out. I used rainbow chard in my winter soup... cook it up with potatoes, spinach, etc. and then blend it up in the blender. Add good cheese. Yum!

aeep said...

Yeah, that's why we're dumb :)

My exclusions are:
Beets, Okra and turnips
M's are Radishes and grapefruits (too late for this week though)

We pick it up every other Wednesday (and our box looked much different from yours which was cool)