Sunday, January 31, 2010

Weekly Training Log - Week 3

This was a pretty dang good week even if I missed my scheduled run on Saturday. Here is how it broke down.

Sunday - Three miles of suck around the neighborhood. At this point I still think it is a fueling issue.

Tuesday - Three more miles of suck at the lake. Why is this so hard lately? Arrggh!

Wednesday - A-ha! Breakthrough day. I was tired and starving after my Weight Watchers meeting after work but I knew, because of upcoming plans that if I wanted to get my four days in I had to run tonight. So, onto the evil, "I will suck your will to live", treadmill. I know some people have no problems with treadmills. I, however, loathe them. I would rather run outside in cold, pokey rain and dark then be on the treadmill but it was getting late and I am not real keen on the late night outside runs. Surprise, felt great. The pace was slow but I plodded through my three miles without feeling so dang tired like I have been. Why did this feel so much better then most of my runs lately? Pace. I slowed down. I think my problem has been going out too fast and then getting fatigued. We'll see how this theory plays out.

Thursday - An invigorating yet relaxing yoga class. I am getting good stretches but am also walking away feeling.......I guess the word would be "cleansed". Plus, I get to see my dear friend Liane every week since she is taking the class too. Bonus!

Saturday - I had a five miler on tap but woke up too late before I had to get out the door for the Enumclaw Chocolate and Wine festival. I told myself that I would get on the treadmill when I got home. The day ended up being much longer than I anticipated and when I walked through the door at midnight I was in no mood for getting on the treadmill. Where this turns good is that I got out the door and ran my five miles today and felt strong and good the entire time. Again, the secret was pace. I started to feel really strong and felt my pace kicking up and when I noticed this I forced myself to reign it in. Longest run since September. I might have my running mojo back.

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aeep said...

Going too fast can definitely trick you into thinking your runs are bad for all sorts of reasons. Are you going to work on slowing down or put up with suckage until it sucks less :)