Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Under the Knife

The New Year's running resolutions are off to a rocky start as I had expected. Yesterday I had my surgery to remove the two boob blobs that I wrote about in October. This has made even the idea of running kind of uncomfortable.

Everything went really well with the surgery and I was back to work today. I have been almost entirely pain-free; in fact, the worst part was the IV. Apparently I have tiny veins. Good thing I chose "drink more wine" instead of "become heroin addict" for one of my 2010 goals. That coin flip went the right way.

The surgeon was kind enough to show the blobs to me when she was done stitching me up. I wish I had thought to bring a camera into surgery with me because they were kind of cool and then I could share pictures with you. Bigger than I thought, but then again they were in bottles in liquid so they were probably magnified.

It feels good (well, psychologically at least) to have those gone and I can go about my life lump free. I just can't wait to get to wear a real bra and start moving normally again.

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Kath said...

Yay! No more boob blobs! : )