Saturday, January 23, 2010

Weekly Training Log - Week 2

I am still having trouble with the fueling issue. Tuesday's run was great. I felt stronger then I have in a long time. Maybe I can replicate some of the food intake from that day before I head out for my 5 miler tomorrow.

Sunday - 4 miles on the perfectly flat path beside Lake Sammamish. Harder then it should have been.
Tuesday - 3 miles at the lake that felt fabulous. Faster and stronger then I have been in awhile.
Thursday - Skipped yoga this week. I was feeling light-headed and kind of off so I went home and crawled into bed. This pleased the kitties.
Friday - 3 miles at the lake. These did not feel fabulous.
Saturday - 2 miles that sucked more than 2 miles should. I only did this one to get myself used to running four days a week and to ramp my mileage up slowly.

Shooting for 14 miles next week and a yoga class. Wish me luck.

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