Saturday, January 16, 2010

Adopt A Vine Finale

Last Saturday was our final Adopt-A-Vine session in Wenatchee and this time we got to bottle, cork, label and capsule the wine.

Here we are at the bottling and corking machines. We are bottling 2007 Columbia Valley Syrah. It was yummy; technical wine term you know. The corking machine was fun. I only had premature corkage one time.
Next we moved to the labeling machine where you had to be very careful to line the bottle seam up just right so we didn't make their wine look like it was labeled by monkeys.

Here is Kevin putting the capsule on the top of the bottle. This was my favorite activity of the day. I could see how you could get into a real rhythm with this and it just looks so darn pretty when it is done.

We also got to bottle our own magnum of the syrah and we just couldn't pass up that chance. I filled the bottle, Kevin corked it, I capsuled it and when our custom label arrives from the winery we will both label it. Any takers to help us polish it off after it sits for about six months?

On our way out we paid one last visit to our beautiful little syrah vines.

We had such a fun time going to the winery and participating in all these sessions. We learned quite a bit about the wine making process and got to drink some tasty wine in the process. I am going to miss our little treks to Wenatchee, the friendly people and the friendly dogs at the winery, the fabulous jewel of a restaurant Smoke Blossom, and the amazing bakery Anjou. We seriously might just make the trip for the bakery alone. It is that good.

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