Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mysterious Ways Indeed

While doing laundry the other day I noticed what appeared to be a Ticketmaster ticket stub that had gone through the laundry. It was in a tight little clump and had been fused together so I couldn't see what event it was for. I was disappointed because I still save ticket stubs and I figured this was one Kevin or I had lost for good. Oh well, no big loss.

Cut to this morning when I see another two clumps come out of the dryer. This time I can read a little of what is on the tickets. I can make out "Qwest" and "June 20". Oh no! Those weren't tickets to a past event at all, those were my much coveted, I finally get to see them after all these years, I am so excited, tickets to see U2. At Qwest field. On June 20. Son of a bitch.

How the hell can tickets for an event six months in the future end up in tiny clumps in our washing machine? Last I saw them they were sitting on Kevin's office desk. Do you think Ticketmaster can or will replace those tickets? Do you think we are screwed? Am I destined to never see U2 in person?


aeep said...

I think you're OK. I lost tickets (to Plasyhouse Disney Live ;) ) and I just had to go to the box office with the CC I bought it on. It was a bit of a stress but turned out fine.

Alisa said...

Thanks for the comment about my feet =). I've tried superfeet and they don't seem to help me but maybe I should give it another shot.

I see you're training for the Eugene half marathon. I'll be there spectating a bunch of my friends.

I also flipped through a bunch of your old posts and saw the one about bottling wine. Are you a wine maker? I'm relatively new to Oregon and have been learning about all the wine regions. I love wine tasting!