Saturday, March 31, 2012

Photo of the Day - Day 31

You were supposed to have an awesome video of my yodeling pickle for yesterday's word which was "toy" but Blogger is being an asshat and I can't get it to upload from either my phone or camera.  So imagine a green plastic pickle that yodels and you get the idea.  It is awesome.

Today's word:  Place I go to relax.

Greenlake, beautiful Greenlake.  I have spent many hours running and walking the path around the lake, or sitting in the grass reading and unwinding.  Even though I don't live in the neighborhood anymore I still get out here after work a few times a week (when I am being diligent with my running) and I never get tired of the place.  I feel good when I am there. 

This picture is a good representation of my relaxing spot because it combines the park itself with running.  Even though running doesn't feel very relaxing while I am doing it, running is definitely a big part of helping me relax.  This is much prettier than the picture of my toilet I was going to post.

And because I like them here are a few extra photos from our visit to the lake today.

A stump of a big leaf maple that the Parks Department had to cut down.  Someone clearly loved this tree.

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