Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Photo of the Day - Day 27 and 28

Yesterday's word: your name.

This is a tiny mug I have had since I was a wee girl. My great aunt made ceramics and made this for me. I am so lucky to have many pieces of her work to help remember her by. And yes the hyphen is missing. I've been fighting people screwing up my name my whole life.

Totally off subject but how can a girl with that many makeup brushes be so clueless about makeup?

Today's word: trash.

This recycle bin is the pawn in the passive aggressive fight I have with our housekeeper at work every day. This is how she places it every day after she empties it. And every day I turn it 90 degrees so the skinny side is out. Every. Day. Not just to be a jackass, mind you, but because there is a file drawer that I need to get into sometimes and my can placement makes it easier. I would mention something to her but it is just seems so petty. So turning the can has become a part of my morning routine. It has actually started to amuse me.

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