Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What's New

Good Gravy!  It's April already and the wedding is five weeks away and the Eugene half-marathon I am still slated to run is only three weeks away.  I have been up to a lot of things lately but running hasn't been one of them.  Last Monday I went for a run and decided I would just go until I felt pain radiating from my buttock down my leg.  I got .75 of a mile before it started and I immediately pulled up and walked home.  On Sunday I ran to the gym and got 1.25 miles before pain set in (although I could feel some tightness in the leg) so once again I walked, worked out and then walked home.  I don't like it but I am trying to use my noodle about this whole situation and not exacerbate the injury.  Of course I am still thinking about run/walking 13.1 miles in three weeks so maybe the smart hasn't really taken.

That is my running plan right now:  run until it hurts and then walk.  I am going out tomorrow night for a run and, cross fingers, I'll maybe get a little further than 1.25 miles before the pain kicks in.  Ugh, I really miss running and I want it back.

Even without running my days have been chock full o' activity.  In a little over a week there has been: three ballroom dance lessons  (was on Sunday and now on Tuesday), two dinners out with friends, my annual fantasy baseball draft (currently in third place thank you very much), two visits with Mom including a lunch with a mutual friend, an IKEA trip for the rest of the centerpiece glasses for the wedding (I HATE that place and would be perfectly happy to never set foot in it again), saw "Of Mice and Men" at the Seattle Rep, picked up my wedding ring from the jeweler, picked up my dress from the alterations lady, decided on, and then shelved, and then back to square one again on our honeymoon plans, and mucho, mucho little wedding decisions and discussions every single night.  The wedding has consumed our existence at this point.

I really enjoyed all of the above activities (minus IKEA) but I am really ready to get back to normal life.  Work, run and the occasional social activity.  I feel over scheduled on every front and am ready for a little down time.  Maybe on the honeymoon we may or may never get around to planning.  Five weeks and we are there!

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