Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Is the Room Half-Full or Half-Empty?

Well, something new to obsess over:  not enough people at our wedding shindig.   So many couples have an issue with paring down the guest list but our problem is the opposite.  We are worried there won't be enough people there to make it feel festive and fun.  Scratch the "we" on that, I am the only one worried about that. Kevin thinks it will be fine.

So far we have had a few unexpected "no" RSVPs and last night discovered that the only relative from one side of Kevin's family that will be attending will be his 88 year-old grandmother.  That is unless one of the aunt's stops her from attending because she is old and it is a long flight from Baltimore.  She is already trying to do that.  We thought we might get a few relatives from that side but it looks like a big "zero" instead. 

We intentionally didn't pad our guest list and only invited people we really wanted to be there.  On one hand this is good; we get a room full of people we really care about.  On the other hand this is bad; we just don't have many friends and family and the room isn't full at all.  I know being a "destination" wedding (yes, I guess technically it is) means you will get a smaller turn-out but I still can't help feeling disappointed.  It just taps into personal issue #3 (a post for another day) that wedding planning has uncovered. 


aeep said...

It is going to be all the way full...of love (hehe, sorry)

Nah, it'll be great. People can mingle freely and won't feel crushed or watched dancing. It'll be awesome.

It is a shame about Kevin's family though. I hope grandma makes it happen!

Kath said...

Don't worry... your Coocoochin clan will MORE than make up for any absences. : )

Amber's right... FULL of love.

Judy said...

Totally agree with A & K. Chin up, young lady! ;0)