Thursday, April 28, 2011


So Eugene is this weekend.  Yes, I am still going even though I had to give the marathon up awhile ago.  I thought I would drop down to just do the half.  Also, I made a promise to a friend that I would be there so there I will be. 

However, the last time I did a run of any distance was the 12 miler I did back in February a few days before the calf strain and sciatica diagnosis.  I did four on Saturday with almost no pain and then three on Monday with some minimal pain and tightness.  The question is do I do the half-marathon as a run/walk fully accepting it will probably be a personal worst (I don't care about that) and just go out for the fun and because it was supposed to be a 40th birthday present for myself and to see what I can do?  Or do I not risk aggravating what is clearly a healing injury and just stay on the sidelines cheering my friend Todd on to half-marathon glory and just soak in the good energy and fun of a race day morning? 


aeep said...

Would it be fun? To be walking? Would you honestly listen to yourself and call a ride if you were hurt too bad?
( a blogger who is injured just walked a half and here is her race report

So without the answers to the questions above, I sat on this for a bit and I would say: T-shirt, sidelines, soaking energy. I am SO sorry that you aren’t out there wishing you were dead doing a marathon but it just really isn’t worth risking more healing time. I was totally behind you being a cripple for your wedding for the sake of the 26.2 or even a good effort 13.1 but if you injure yourself and are sore and it was miserable…I am not behind that. The beauty of this game is that you WILL find another race (aka. Portland which is sooner than you think!) said...

Agree wth aeep........You're not REALLY healed yet, so you're gonna go out and half-ass a half? There's no point to it. Save it up and heal for now, and train for October this summer.