Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Details Coming Together

We had a wonderful, busy productive weekend in Portland.  We had scheduled a whole slew of final wedding details around McMenamin's Celebration of Syrah that took place last weekend. 

In addition to much, much syrah tasting on Saturday we managed to:  pick up our marriage license, finalize almost all the food and arrangements for the reception (still waiting on input from some stragglers before we finalize beer), do a hair and make-up run through with the people who will be taking care of it on the wedding day and created our ceremony with our officiant. 

It all went better than I thought it would.  No lines for the license.  They nailed my make-up and (almost) nailed my hair, which I was worried about.  You never know what kind of person you will get and if their vision and talents will gel with what you want and I breathed a huge sigh of relief when I saw the results.  We picked tasty appetizers and main courses for our guests and figured out how all of the little details of the reception will work. 

The biggest and best part though was crafting the ceremony.  We LOVE our officiant and she has come up with a ceremony that really feels like us.  She spent over two hours with us going over everything and listening to our stories and getting our feedback on what words we did and didn't want to include.  She also sprung a few surprises on us like having us spontaneously say what we loved about the other person and saying practice vows.  It sounds so simple but it put us on the spot in a good way and made us really respond naturally.  It was very emotional; many happy tears were shed hearing some of the beautiful words she will be saying.  We did decide that we need to write our own vows even though it will be difficult for us to get through them without crying.  Unless we can find pre-written vows that sound like our voices we need to do it ourselves so it feels real to us.  We also figured out our ring warming and who will be involved in that and who will be doing our reading (Hi, Kath!).  It is finally all coming together.

Oh, and stay tuned for the big news......we FINALLY decided on a honeymoon location.  No, really we did this time.  We paid for it and everything so there will be no changing of the mind now.  It is a post that deserves some pictures so I will write that later. 

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Judy said...

So glad all of your plans are coming together. Yay for a ceremony that is exactly what you want, food to your liking, and great hair and make-up to boot! I can't wait to see it all. :0)