Monday, March 28, 2011

The War Room

So we have dubbed our dining room area The War Room because it is the hub of all wedding related activities and projects.  Much planning for the battles ahead occurs here.  We also have this on our War Room wall.
That is the world's coolest seating chart.  Somewhere in blogland (WeddingBee perhaps?) I read about the idea to get pink and blue sticky notes to write your guest's names on. This way you can easily pick them up and move them around to different tables while you are planning your seating and make names easier to spot by color coding gender.  Of course we immediately ruined the symmetry of the board by making a few tables of nine and moving some blues and pinks together but it still looks awesome. 

If you look closely you will see that those are tiny National Park postcard replicas in the center of each table.  Instead of using numbers we are doing National Parks for table designations and using my beloved WPA poster style postcards for each table.  When we were searching for table number holders we ran across some restaurant tent style that we liked but were not willing to pay $11 each for.  So my ever-industrious guy decided he could make them.  Here is his first one.  I love these!!

We have also been perfecting the wing for the place card lemons.  This is a proto-type. I don't like the name placement so we are still working on it.

Oh, and the most fun was the week before when we decided to celebrate getting our invitations in the mail with a little Edgefield sparkling wine we picked up when we got engaged.  We also used the occasion to taste test truffles for potential wedding favors.  Oh, the lengths we'll go to for our guests.


Michael said...

Amber and I volunteer to help wing lemons. :)

The CilleyGirl said...

Place card lemons?

Now all you need is some enterprisingly crafty relative to take that seating chart and turn it into a really cool quilt with the names of all your guests embroidered into place. I'd volunteer my mom, but she's owed me three quilts now for the past ten-plus years...

Kath said...

Looks like SO much fun. : )