Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Beyond Frustrating

I just got back from my four mile run in the rain.  Except it wasn't a four-miler; it turned into a two-miler because of pain in my right leg and rear that was there for the whole run and calf pain that turned up towards the end of the two miles.  I don't know what to do.  I'm not healing and I HAVE to start logging some serious miles or the race won't happen.  I am so frustrated now and I don't know how to fix myself any quicker.

The only plan I have now is to demand a physical therapy appointment sooner than March 11.  If I have to start crying on the phone to get one earlier I will totally do that.  I am also going to attempt my scheduled seven miles tomorrow night and hope for a different outcome.  Right now I just want to have a drink.  Good thing it is bar trivia night. 


thirteen.one said...

Hang on; take a deep breath, and relax......the world doesn't turn on whether or not you do the full THIS year.
That said, there is still hope for this year. If I can offer any advice at all based on my own painful experience, it would be to start incorporating weekly massage into your regimen. Also, take a look at your schedule; are you demanding too much of yourself throughout the week? Are you stretching yourself too thin? Just stuff to ponder.
The worst thing you can do right now is force it. Forcing yourself to run when you can't only exacerbates the problem, so take stock of where you're at by maybe the end of next week and let's reconvene.
It's seriously not the end of the world.

aeep said...

I'm so sorry. I know you must be freaking out but I'm glad you are keeping your head about this and not forcing. Pushing up your PT also seems like a really good idea.

It is probably a terrible idea for a first marathon but a friend on Team in Training was injured and did the majority of his training by pool running (read: long and boring sessions) if you want me to investigate more let me know.

Really sorry again but don't lose hope!