Sunday, March 27, 2011

Smells Like Teen Kitten

It has been a week since we let Abby out to roam freely with the other cats and it has gone better than expected.  She is more adventurous then we thought she would be and quickly roamed the entire house.  She isn't much of a jumper but does a lot of exploring on kitten level.

Ollie is being his grumpy old man self and still hisses at her but the hissing has decreased in the last week.  She has learned that she is faster and more agile than him so she just avoids or runs away from him.  I don't know if she realizes that he is all talk and no action but I hope she doesn't learn it so as not to damage his delicate feline ego.

The girls are actually getting along quite well.  Jackie has hissed on occasion but there is a lot of friendly chasing up and down the stairs and playing this game of tag on the dining room chair.  Mostly Jackie just ignores her but there is enough playing that it makes us feel they will be a good team.

We were waiting for some quirks to emerge and we have noticed she has a few.  One, she bobs her head like a bird quite a bit as she walks around exploring. Two, she drools when she is purring and happy.  She drools A LOT.  Three, she likes to roll around on our dirty undergarments and towels or any article of recently worn work-out clothing.  Freak.

Because no cat can escape the nickname factory we have a few names in addition to Abby.  She is also the Ablet, Abby Normal (we actually made Normal her middle name), Jinglebug (because her collar has a bell) and my favorite, Bug.  

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