Wednesday, March 23, 2011

St. Pat's Dash Race Report (Mostly)

Good gravy!  It has been over two weeks since I last posted.  There has been so much going on:  finalizing and FINALLY mailing the wedding invitations, insane work on the wedding website, new kitten integration, a redonkulous amount of time spent trying to find appropriate undergarments to wear under my wedding dress, a new round of dance classes, and an actual race in there too.  There is also a big design/name change coming around these parts but I just haven't had the time or the energy to implement it yet.  But before I get to all that I will do a quick St. Pat's Dash recap because it is my race-iversary race and the unofficial start of the "racing season."

When I logged on tonight to do my St. Pat's recap, I noticed Amber had just written her St. Pat's recap (great minds!) so if you want to read the before and after part of the race and see wet and cold pictures of us go here.  I am so glad she agreed to get up early and go run with me because having someone to go to races with is pretty great.   Sadly, my part of the run was nothing like hers. Can't wait to read about her half-marathon PR though!

Since I haven't been running much and actually wasn't cleared by my PT to run/walk more than a half mile I was entering the race with no expectations.  I just wanted to have fun and run my eighth consecutive Dash.  Luckily my calf strain has healed and there were no problems at all.  My leg pain was absent until about 4/10 of a mile into the race and then bothered me throughout the rest of the run.  I just kept trying to focus on maintaining good form and not letting the discomfort alter my gait.  I actually ended up finishing in 38:53 which is a 10:14 pace.  So sad to be off last year's pace of 9:44 but there have been extenuating circumstances.

As for the leg?  Well, I went for a three miler a few days after the race and it hurt quite a bit the whole way.  Saturday, I ran to the gym for some upper body work and ran back and it bothered me and it bothered me on my three miler last night.  The funny thing is, it isn't bothering me unless I am running or after I have ran.  The running seems to exacerbate it which it never used to do.  I am contemplating my next move but there is a good chance I might just shut myself down for a few weeks to see if I can really fully heal.  If that is the case then even the half in Eugene is off the table. 

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