Monday, February 28, 2011

Marathon Training - Week 9

There isn't a whole lot to report on this front.  Since that last run with the strained calf two weeks ago I have ran twice.  Well, one three mile run and one .66 mile "this isn't going to work I still hurt and have wonky gait" run.  The three-miler was last Wednesday and seemed to go pretty well.  I could feel the tightness in the right leg but the calf was basically fine and I felt like as long as I watched the length of my stride the gait wasn't weird.  I haven't been out since then because of snow and out of town company but I plan on heading out for a four-miler tomorrow night.

I think I am going to go back to where I left off on Higdon's Novice 2 plan rather than trying to jump ahead to what week 11 is going to look like.  I can always compress the schedule somewhere else.  It is probably a much smarter idea.

There are still two months until Eugene and if I can stay healthy I think I might still be able to pull this race out.  If not, well, there is always the half.

Wish me luck this week.  If all goes well with the legs Sunday will be my first-ever 14 miler and then we get to go to our first dance class with our new instructor.  Nope, my legs won't be wobbly and worn out at all.  We haven't given up on East Coast Swing but if we are thinking about doing a first dance we figured we should maybe try to do something more than the junior high stand in one spot and hold each other while swaying uncomfortably to the music. 

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