Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Marathon Training - Week 6

I am getting back on track, sort of, in regards to my running schedule.  Last week was busy, busy, busy and I wasn't able to squeeze in one of my short runs.  I am up against a similar situation this week with only one weekday with nothing but running scheduled after work so I am going to have to really flex the schedule to make it all fit. 

Tuesday - Week three of East Coast Swing 2 and we get sweaty enough in this class that I am going to count it as cross-training. 
Wednesday - Six crappy miles I posted about previously.  I am still proud I gutted through those.
Thursday - Three easy ones around the neighborhood.  Infinitely better than the day before.  I also did my home strength training program after the run.
Sunday - 12 down by the lake.  Slow and steady but done.  I had leg tightness for about the first six miles but it loosened up after that.  I also did a shortened version of my strength training while waiting for the interminable Super Bowl to end. 

Weekly Mileage: 21

Coming next week:  a new one day distance record for me (hopefully).  Also, much home stretching, changing my work ergonomics and a painful yet incredibly relaxing massage have improved the piriformis situation.  It isn't 100 % yet but I also no longer feel the need to yelp in pain. 

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