Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Marathon Training - Week 7

Trainus Interruptus might be a better headline to this post.  I am hoping the interruptus doesn't last longer than a few days so my frustration level doesn't end up higher than it already is.

Monday - An hour practice for the next night's swing dance class after a wonderful blissful yet painful massage.  My calves end up screaming after dancing so I am going to blame part of my woes on this whole dancing thing.  I am still counting it as cross-training though.

Tuesday - An hour swing dance class.  Cross-training!

Wednesday - Seven mile marathon pace run that went really, really well.

Thursday - Four miles that started with some sharp piriformis pain that went away after about a half-hour.

Saturday - Earlier in the morning while I was bounding down the stairs I felt my always tight left calf muscle go "tweak".  It hurt.  It bothered me the rest of the day, mostly going up or down stairs but I thought it was just more calf tightness.  Then I went for my four miler, in the wind-storm downpour thank you very much.  I limped through almost all the run and could tell my gait was off even when the limp became less prominent.  I came home and iced and stretched but it still hurt. 

Sunday - I decided to scrap my 14 miler because of the calf strain and the affected gait.  The night before I needed a little convincing to not go but when I woke up and it hurt to roll over in bed I realized it was absolutely the right choice.  No sense screwing up the rest of the marathon training for what is, in the grand scheme of things, a short run.  I still felt like a big loser though for not being able to go out and run.  I was actually looking forward to what would have been my single day mileage PR.

Oh, and I did my upper body and core strengthening program three times last week.  Woo-hoo!!

Today I have a PT appointment after work to deal with the piriformis (buttocks and leg pain) and we will also address the constant calf tightness and mild-strain I had this weekend.  I am hopeful they can get me back on the road (literally) to healthy running.  Keep your fingers crossed for me, I'm getting antsy and annoyed.

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The CilleyGirl said...

I'm looking at starting up belly dancing again as my cross training for this round of marathon training. The more advanced moves left me with a sore Achilles tendon so I'm debating whether to spend the $$ for the basic classes when I can do the same moves at home for free. It really does wonders for my core and for stretching out/warming up my hip flexors.