Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Three Months to Go

Yesterday was the three months until the wedding mark.  Yikes!  How did that happen so quickly? 

Once we got done with our Portland weekend and finalized all the vendors and FINALLY decided on what to do about centerpieces (I marvel at how much brain time went into that only to fall back to the original idea I first liked last summer) I felt great.  I said to myself  "wonderful, all the decisions have been made and there isn't much else to do."  And then I started listing some of the little things that were left on the list.  And I listed, and listed and then, for a change, I listed some more.  Holy crapballs is there still a lot to do.  Here's the problem:  I feel done.  Not particularly interested anymore.  The fun has passed.  This is bad, bad, bad.

I am gamely trying to keep my enthusiasm about wedding details going but at this point it is just about checking tasks and decisions off the list because we have to.  We have created this beast and must see it through to fruition.  Yes, I realize lots of the items on the list are technically optional but they are details we really want so we must proceed.  Those lemons won't get wings by themselves you know.

Luckily, Kevin is very invested in this wedding and enjoys helping plan and find just the right things. This way, the entire day is a reflection of the both of us and not just something the bride conjured up and the groom shows up at to say his few words.  This has been an equal partnership and I am extremely lucky that he cares, and wants to, and actually takes an active involvement in the whole process.  From stories I have heard this is a rare sort of fiance.  Hopefully the wedding will reflect that by actually showing some personality. 

In the meantime I keep checking the few wedding websites I visit to keep some level of enthusiasm up and wait to hear details from my friends Amber and Mike who are planning a July wedding to keep me motivated.  We just need to remind ourselves that we just have to keep pushing down the course and that the finish line isn't that far off.  Do you think there will be bananas and bagels?  Will Kevin's nipples bleed?


aeep said...

Er, is it bad then that I am feeling a tad unmotivated and was hoping to look to you as an example.

So much to do but I just want to punch corners on things.

The CilleyGirl said...

"Will Kevin's nipples bleed?"

LOL! I almost sprayed water all over my monitor with that one!! Funny, I never imagined needing Bodyglide for the wedding ceremony. After the wedding, sure, but not before! ;)

Kath said...

Intriguing questions indeed...