Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Clearly I Was Clueless

I really thought I would have oodles of time on the day of the wedding to help take care of decorations and make sure everything was set up the way we want for the reception.  That turns out to be not even close to being true.  My leisurely "oh, the wedding isn't until 4:30 we have oodles of time" has turned into "holy crap, I have to be in the salon for hair and make-up at 12:00 so there is enough time to make me look presentable and have time for all the pictures before high-tailing it to downtown Portland for the ceremony."  We don't have access to the reception space until 11:00 so that leaves exactly one hour for me to help set-up and make sure this beast we have spent a year planning looks and feels the way we want it to.  Aaarggh! 

All this wedding day stuff is really interfering with our wedding day. 

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The CilleyGirl said...

Silly girl! First rule of weddings, there is never enough time for anything. Like when you think you'll go to a wedding and be able to catch up with your old friend, the bride. Ha!!

(it will all come together, just wait)