Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Marathon Training - Week 3

So far so good.  I feel good and only had a little leg weakness after doing 18 miles in three days which my legs are not used to.  Here are the stats.

Monday - Should have been a rest day but I had to get my long run in that I missed Sunday.  I counted them towards last weeks miles but it contributed to some tired legs come Wednesday night.
Tuesday - Three around the neighborhood with light snow falling.  Kind of pretty actually.
Wednesday - Six that were supposed to be at marathon pace but fell far short of that.  Actually the first three were OK and then my legs started to feel wobbly and I slowed down a lot.  I didn't mind too much when I reminded myself of the previous two days' mileage.
Friday - Three around the neighborhood.  I am really starting to get used to the running in the dark thing.
Sunday - Eleven down by the lake.  This came in at an even 12:00 which is probably where my long runs should be right now.  What made me happy though was the last mile I managed an 11:13 which means I still had gas in the tank and could have either gone further or faster.  This is a good sign.  When I stopped after the eleven my legs were mighty wobbly though.

Weekly Total:  23 miles

According to Hal, this week was actually supposed to be my step-back week but I had to swap weeks because of the upcoming Portland wedding vendor marathon extravaganza.  My long run next week is only six miles and I get to run it down by the river in downtown Portland.  Oh, and I am adding strength-training in this week.  And another round of East Coast Swing classes. 

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