Sunday, January 2, 2011

Marathon Training - Week 1

Week one is behind me and it was actually pretty good.  I know two months from now I will be resenting my training schedule and whining about the runs I "have" to do but right now it feels good to have some structure to the training.  Here is how the week broke down:

Tuesday - Easy three miler around the work neighborhood.  I got to try out running with my headlamp and wear my new almost glow in the dark neon green running shirt. 
Wednesday - Five miles at the lake at my expected marathon pace.  More headlamp-y awesomeness.  Yes, I look like an uber-dork but I can see things.  I am an uber-dork with vision.
Saturday - Turned my three miler that should have been Friday into a run to start the new year.  Complete with polar bear dip at the end.  The report will follow soon.
Sunday - Eight on my lakefront trail.  Felt good although miles 2-3 felt tight and long for some reason.  I was reminded how much I prefer running in cold to running in heat.  The trail was beautiful and only really slippery where the pavement crossed it.  Absolutely gorgeous day.  More like those please.

So no cross training or yoga this week but I hope to incorporate that this week. 

Seventeen more to go!

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