Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cake Ramblings

I love cake.  I love cake a lot.  So going to cake tastings and choosing one baker and her cakes over the others was going to be difficult.  Much like puppies and kittens, all cakes are beautiful and deserve good homes.  There are also no flavors of cake that are off-limits in my world.  All flavors are good.  Coconut?  Check. Dark chocolate strawberry? Check.  Pineapple walnut? Check.  All three together?  Sure, I'm game! I could go on and on but you get the idea.  All desserts and all dessert combinations are OK with me.  So it was difficult to not only narrow down the bakers but to narrow down the flavors in the tiers.

Ah, the tiers.  I need to rant here.  I am personally starting a one-woman campaign to end the single-flavor multi-tier wedding cake.  Who is with me?  Most, if not all, bakers will be happy to make each tier a separate flavor without adding additional cost.  So you tell me why you would choose one flavor when you, and your guests, could have multiples to choose from?  More flavors = more choices which = happier guests.  The next time you go to a wedding like that you kick the newlyweds in the shins because it is the only way we can stop such madness from occurring.  With all the cake choices in the world why limit yourself?  Aaaarrrggghh! Also, we discovered bakers are really pleased to get to make something other than white cake with white frosting. 

We had a great time playing with the design and figuring it all out.  Because our guest list is small and cakes designed for our numbers of guests just look sad and lonely we upped the size of the cake to approximately double our guest count.  Seriously, those little two tier jobs really make me sad.  But then again, the cake is the part of the wedding I care the most about so I might be a little skewed.  Anyway, we are keeping the design a secret until the wedding day but I can safely say our guests will get three flavors of awesome (Kevin wants to keep the top tier for our anniversary otherwise they would get four) and it will be large enough to feel like a special occasion cake.  I love this cake so much I want to hug it.  Now I have to wait three and a half months to get to meet it in person.* sigh*


aeep said...

See, this is an example of how different we all are. I have very few feelings on cake. Except that I'll eat it.

But at least now I'll know how to not get kicked in the shins.
Can't wait to eat your cake!

Kath said...

I can't wait to meet your cake... all four, I mean three, tiers of it!!