Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Marathon Training - Week 2

Week two went well other than a minor meltdown during Sunday's long run that had zero to do with running.  I rebounded strong the next day though so training schedule disaster averted.

Tuesday - Three miles on the basic home route after work.

Wednesday - Five great miles at the lake.  This wasn't supposed to a marathon pace workout but it turned into one and it felt fabulous.

Saturday - Three "meh" miles on the home route.  Nothing special but I did drag my butt out of bed early to do them because I had a busy day of wedding expo and Dave Alvin concert ahead of me.

Sunday - Wow, I shouldn't even mention this one.  Got up early in the very cold temps, went down to the home lake path and proceeded to have a kind of meltdown.  I go 1.3 in before I said "screw this" and stopped.  I didn't even run the 1.3 back to the car.  This was mostly brought on by many nights of interrupted sleep because of my dear and his never ending sinus dripping induced cough and snoring and an existential bridal/wife identity crisis brought on by the preceding days wedding expo. 

Monday - (which technically starts week three but I am fudging a little here) Nine miles in the bitter, bitter cold and pitch black after work at the lake to make up for the nine I didn't run on Sunday morning.  I was slow but felt really strong for the whole distance.  This also made me resolve to get faster.  Speedy people could have had that run done in around an hour-ish.  It took me 1:49.  Being a slow runner is a bigger time commitment.  I didn't finally thaw out until I jumped in the bathtub at around 10:00.  But I did it.

This week brings my first double digit run since June!

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aeep said...

Ann-Marie, here are my $0.02, being a bride and a wife these days can be whatever YOU (and your SO) decide it means. What has been shocking me a bit on the bridal side is that I think I genuinely want some of the “traditional” things that I maybe wouldn’t have thought I would. I assume I’ll have more of those shocks and mental checks as I figure out what wife is going to mean. I thought I’d be immune to both of these issues since almost no one in my family is a wife or has been a bride. Turns out though that not having an example hasn’t kept me from having an opinion.

I actually did a ton of research to see if I could get behind marriage at all for myself. I recommend Elizabeth Gilbert’s Committed if you have time for a read. It was really helpful to me. Dan Savage’s The Commitment was also interesting.