Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Weekly Training Log - Week 12

I hit another weekly mileage PR last week:  23 miles.  I think I am going to drop the overall mileage this week but still bump up the long run mileage on Sunday.  The Higdon schedule I am ever so loosely following has this week as a recovery week so I think I will *ahem* run with that this week.

Monday - One hour of yoga.  This was my first class since my Thursday night classes ended.  It was taught at the Y and I didn't like it so much.  I got some good stretching and strengthening but no time to quiet the mind.  I am surprised by how much I missed that part of it.  I found a different class at a different Y this week and I LOVED it.

Tuesday - 4 mile inadvertent tempo run at the lake.  I meant this to be just an easy four-miler but everything just felt great so I went "fast". 

Thursday - Blew off spinning class because I was exhausted.  Felt some rest and grocery shopping were a better use of my time.

Friday - 5 miles of half-marathon pace at the lake.  However, I couldn't hold myself down to that slow of a pace for some reason and ended up doing 30 seconds per mile faster then I set out to do.  On the plus side, I was able to hold the entire 5 miles at the exact same pace which is almost impossible for me.

Saturday - 4 miles on a quesy stomach in the rain.  I really wasn't feeling good but made myself go out and do this. 

Sunday - 10 miles in gorgeous weather.  This was much more difficult than last Sunday's run even though the conditions were vastly improved.  I actually had to take a couple of walk breaks but I still cranked them out.  Hooray for the out and back run because it leaves you no choice but to finish your distance. 

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The CilleyGirl said...

That's always my thought on the out and back -- "Well, crap, I have to at least get back to the car!" I have been tempted to phone for a cab a few times though ;)