Saturday, April 10, 2010

Happy Kitty Anniversary

Six years ago today I found Jackie at the Humane Society and brought her home with me.  She was nine months old at the time and hasn't aged one bit.   She is still the same weight, which means if she were a person she could totally still fit into her old high school jeans.  Bitch.

She is still playful but respectful of bedtime which are wonderful qualities in a cat.  She is also becoming a bit of a lap cat but only for me and, much to his dismay, not for Kevin.  She'll get there though.  Lately, she has been enjoying her cat condo and all the birds that descend in almost Hitchcock-ian fashion upon our bird feeders.  The hummingbirds have also drawn a lot of interest.  They must look like the world's biggest insects to the cats.

She is probably the sweetest little kitty I ever met and I am very glad I found her meowing with her little paw reaching out of her cage towards me. 
Getting ready to bat a hair tie and send it flying.

It is also the 144th birthday of the ASPCA so go forth and hug a furry friend today and do something nice for those that aren't fortunate to have homes yet.

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Kath said...

Happy Anniversary, Jackie!!! : )