Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekly Training Log - Week 14

Well, I hit another mileage PR this week:  26.2 miles.  I only had 26 scheduled but figured that in the running world 26.2 was a nicer, rounder number.  My legs sure felt it by the time I got done with Sunday's long run and today was a blissful running-free rest day.  I also bought new shoes on Sunday and I can't wait to take them out and start wearing them in.  I didn't realize exactly how broken down my old shoes were until I put on new ones and had that "oh, so this is how shoes are supposed to feel" moment.  Apparently I was grinning like an idiot after taking them out of the store for a test jog.  My achy, sore feet will be happy now.  I realized my old shoes had well over 600 miles on them, it was time.

Monday - 1 hour yoga

Wednesday - Five miles at the lake.  The lake miles always feel the best.  This should bode well for Sunday's race there.

Friday - Five miles with some small rises and hills.  Felt great even though the speed was slower.  It's funny how not long ago five miles was a HUGE deal to me and now it doesn't feel like much at all.  Maybe I can get that way with double-digit runs someday.  Excuse me while I go day-dream awhile about that.

Saturday - 4.2 crappy ones on the same hilly route I did last week with no problem. 

Sunday - 12 miles.  Not much to say about this other than my legs were shot.  They felt like lead and were tight the whole way.  The weather, however, was gorgeous and that helped shut-up my inner whiner a little bit. 

Even though the 12-miler sucked I feel pretty ready for Eugene.  If nothing else I am ready to dial down the miles for a few weeks until I ramp up for the Seattle Rock 'n Roll half. 

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