Thursday, June 17, 2010

Not Ready to Rock 'N Roll

On a cheerier note, I have this half-marathon that I am supposed to be running in just over a week.  My original plan was to build on Eugene and have an even stronger race at Rock 'N Roll.  However, I ended up taking a longer post race break than I wanted to, then I had the pesky pubis issue, then I trained a little and then the poo started to fly around these parts.  It boils down to :  I am not properly trained and I don't care. 

This race isn't a big goal race.  I am not upset that I am not going to do well.  I am looking at it as a 13 mile fun run.  I am going to soak in the atmosphere of my first really huge race and do what I can do.  It is actually kind of refreshing going into a race with no expectations.  It is also nice to go into a race this distance and not be afraid of the distance.  I respect it but I don't fear it anymore.

As soon as next Saturday is done I am going to start focusing on building up for faster shorter distances and try to PR at the other two distance I run:  the 8K and the 10K.

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