Thursday, June 17, 2010

News From the Home Front

Well things have been interesting around these parts.  Within about two hours of last week's post I ceased to feel even the smallest pang of resentment when I realized how much I needed to be here at home.   The shit hit the fan last weekend.

Dad had to stay longer in the home because Mom's health just wasn't strong enough for him to be home.  Even with my brother or I staying with them I think the stress of having him around would not have been conducive to her recovery.  He is significantly better than he was when he went into the home but significantly better still isn't very good.  He is very weak and sleeps most of the time now.  His brain is foggy and his memory is shot.  He came home today and I am staying down here tonight to help take care of him and give him his meds in the morning.  Some morning home health aides are going to start coming soon for the rest of the week.

Mom is still not 100% but is definitely improving.  She ended up staying in the hospital last Thursday and then was released on Friday.  Friday night I had to call 911 and we ended up staying there until the wee hours of the morning.  Did you know it is completely light out at 5:30?  Neither did I until last weekend. 

Put those things together with a meeting with the hospice nurse and social worker where they were pushing hard for 24 hr care (meaning nursing home or adult family home) and a screaming, swearing melt down on my part because of someone's stubbornness, irrationality and a refusal to take care of herself and it was, as my brother so eloquently put it, "31 kinds of suck". 

So things have settled down but I know this is just sort of the lull before things start to get really bad. 


Kath said...

What a rotten couple of days... I'm sorry to hear all the bad news. I hope you're managing to take care of yourself too, as cliched as that sounds!

Judy said...

hmmmm...doesn't sound like much fun. Just know that in the end you are where you should be, doing what needs to be done, 31 flavors or not. ;0)