Tuesday, May 18, 2010

And Now For Something Completely Different

Apparently there is a part of your body called a pubis symphysis.  I was completely unaware of this until today.  You usually only find out about new body parts you have when something goes haywire with them and my new found knowledge of the pubis symphysis is no exception.

Starting last Friday I was having fairly strong abdominal/pelvic achiness and discomfort.  I went for a really crappy run Friday after work ( seriously, like two miles) and then spent the rest of the evening bent over every time I tried to stand up.  It was still pretty uncomfortable on Saturday but by Sunday I was feeling better if I didn't press on the area so I figured I was good.  I went for a really fabulous run on Sunday night and then it hit me again when I got back and tried to stand up from a sitting position. Other than a vague discomfort a good portion of the time it is really only painful when I go from sitting to standing. 

So I went to the doctor today and she said it was a strain or inflammation of this piece of strong cartilage, the pubis symphysis, that holds your pubic bones together.  She has no idea how this happened but between what she said and the magic of internet self-diagnosis I am guessing running played a part.  It can be considered an overuse injury in runners, albeit a fairly rare one.  Now I would hardly call a peak mileage week of 26 miles overuse but maybe I weakened it in Eugene and the runs I went on last week (my first since the race) were enough to send it over the edge.  Either that or the speed work I did Wednesday night did it and I should take it as a sign from the running gods to banish speed work from my training regimen.  Apparently, the ligaments and whatsits attached to this thing can get pulled and tight and can cause the problems with this cartilage.

The upshot of this is I am sidelined for a week.  No running.  No training for Rock 'N Roll.  I just have to sit around and atrophy.  If it doesn't hurt when I run next Tuesday I am clear to go forward; if it does hurt I don't know what the next step is.  I am not pleased with this in the slightest but I also know that it hurts enough that I don't want to continue to mess with it.  I will take my rest week and cross my fingers that I am all better so I can start training again.  If I have to take any serious time off and I lose all the fitness I have gained over these last few months I will be one pissed off woman.


The CilleyGirl said...

I know about that particular part of the body because a friend of mine had a close encounter with a piece of industrial equipment. Fingers crossed for your speedy recovery!

aeep said...

Well, at least it is something different :S

thirteen.one said...

Well.......stay off that thing.

Fishergirl said...

That's a new one on me! Wow! Hope the recovery goes fast for you!