Tuesday, January 6, 2009

You Say You Want a Resolution?

It is that time of year again. Time to take stock, reassess and set goals for the upcoming year. I definitely have a few items I would like to check off the list this year.

Running Goals:
1. Set a 5K PR.
2. Run a total of 650 miles.
3. Complete a half-marathon with no walk breaks.

Health Goals:
1. Lose the pounds so that the weight on my driver's license is no longer a lie.
2. Make sure to have all preventive health and dental services I am supposed to have this year.

Personal Goals:
1. Go one place in state I have never been before.
2. Go one place out of state I have never been before.
3. Pay off a minimum of half my debt.
4. Complete my bachelor's degree.

I will check back on these in six months and see how I am doing. Best of luck to all of you on your goal setting!

1 comment:

Kath said...

You are AMBITIOUS! But if anyone can do it, it's you, my sweet, focused Taurus friend. Good luck!