Monday, January 19, 2009

Study Break Randomness

I haven't been doing much that is super blog worthy lately. Dinners out with a few good friends which have been nice. Closet organizer construction with Kevin. Work, school, run, blah, blah, blah. . . So until I do something exciting I shall post a few pictures from the last few weeks.This was Snoqualmie Fall four days after the river crested during the floords. Standing on the viewing platform we got completely soaked from all the spray.
New Year's Eve wasn't very exciting because I was on day two of unpleasant intestinal illness. We managed to sell the tickets to the party we were going to go to but couldn't get out of the hotel reservation so we went to the hotel anyway. It was a great little boutique art hotel in Downtown Seattle called Hotel Max. Original artwork from local artists in all the rooms, modern and funky. A walk to the corner and we could look down the street to see the Space Needle fireworks. One of the touches I liked the most were these two: The Pillow Menu and The Spiritual Menu.

We didn't utilize either because the pillows were comfy and plentiful and my spiritual needs can pretty much be met by a plate of french fries but I still like the idea. Maybe if we stay again we can order up an extra firm and a reading pillow with our Bhagivad Gita and Book on Scientology.

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