Monday, July 7, 2008

Weekly Training

First off let me say that I know these soon to be weekly training reports will be of no interest to almost anyone who might read this blog. If you aren't interested in running you will not hurt my feelings by ignoring them completely. I am posting them to keep me motivated, keep me honest and for the few people I know who run and might be interested or willing to offer insight into my training highs and lows. Besides, I have been reading a lot of running blogs the last few months and find these sort of helpful. So here goes...

Sunday - Cross train. Three mile round trip hike to Rattlesnake Ledge with 1100 foot elevation gain. Much easier than last year!
Tuesday - Four miles including two miles tempo. First successful speed session in a long time.
Wednesday - Easy two miler around the neighborhood.
Thursday - Race day! 3.1 miles in the Firecracker 5000.
Saturday - 4.4 miles that were supposed to be seven but my legs were a little dead. Disappointed I couldn't turn this into the long run it was supposed to be.

Total running mileage for the week: 13.5

I wanted the mileage a little higher but I am pleased I finally worked up to four times a week.

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