Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Visit From H

My friend H was in town from Denver last week and I had a wonderful time getting to spend time with her again. It is so nice just spending lazy, aimless, chit-chatty time with friends. It seems like it doesn't happen all that often anymore and I miss that. Because H says she only likes blogs with lots of pictures I will try to accommodate. Sadly, it turns out I didn't take many pictures last week and what I did take was pretty much food and drink oriented.

Sunday Mike, H, JB and I had a fabulous brunch at the Hi-Life in Ballard. Afterward we took advantage of the beautiful summer day and walked down to the Ballard Locks where we spent what felt like years of our lives watching them fill the big lock with boats.

After puzzling over how much some of the boats much cost we made our way up to La Cocina on Capital Hill for their famous (to us anyway) blackberry margaritas. This was on H's list of must do activities and one I was more than happy to participate in.

Wednesday night we got to check one more item off H's Seattle tourist list with a visit to Snoqualmie Brewery, home of H's (and Kevin's) favorite beers. More tasty food and beer was consumed.

We got to spend more time with H on Saturday at Crab Fest 2008 at Fishergirl and Fisherboy's lovely Bellingham home. Kevin and I got there really late because of Torchlight but everyone was nice enough to save some crab for us. The only downside to the day was that our dear friend Kathy was stuck back in Denver and had to miss the gathering. But I am sure the call at 1:00 a.m. made her feel right at home. A big "thank you" by the way, to the The Fishers for hosting. They are such amazing hosts and always make everyone feel so welcome and at home. Thanks for having everybody up and for catching all that tasty crab!

It was so good to have our little H back in the fold. It has been almost two years since she left the Northwest but it was like she never left at all.


kath said...

Hey, how do you get your pictures set so you can't click on them and enlarge them to the point where you can see everyone's clogged pores?!

Thanks for all the photos! If you have more, I'd love to see 'em!

Miss you,

James said...

My god...why do I always have to be in the center of the photos. Jesus, Shamu looks more svelte. I tell you I should be behind you girls and have my head cropped off...that way I look like the know because I have to wear tents...for chrissakes.