Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Girl Who Poked Around In A Hornet's Nest

2012 is off to a good start so far.  Nothing major and exciting to report but we have spent a lot of time organizing and cleaning which always feels good.  Sadly, there is much more to organize but we are tackling it bit by bit.  At least Kevin is almost through sorting through boxes and boxes of paper in his office and I can actually get to my computer and desk area again.

We spent this weekend helping Mom take down all of her Christmas stuff (eight tote bins of ornaments) and celebrating my brother's birthday.  Today we finished off putting the rest of our Christmas stuff away in the garage and straightening the house a little.  Thrilling, I know.

What was thrilling though was the hornets nest that Kevin finally cut out of the attic.  It was about the size of a basketball and was fascinating to poke around in.  Fascinating and very, very stinky.

Sadly, it didn't come out in one piece but you get the idea.  I decided I wanted to poke around in it and see what was sticking out of the honeycomb holes.  The dark spots are actually pieces of flowers but the holes that are covered in white, those were the best.  They were filled with white, squishy, undercooked hornets.  Awesome.  Creepy, but awesome.

I have been tackling my goals with great gusto and am one book down for the year and three running sessions stronger.  I feel good getting exercise back in the equation.

For now I leave you with this beautiful picture from earlier in the week.  It faded and disappeared in the two minutes or so I was standing by my car taking it in. I'm glad I got to see it. 

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