Friday, August 12, 2011

Weekend Plans

I've  got quite the busy weekend ahead of me.  Tonight is a 5K race through my old hood followed by a post-race BBQ on Main Street.  This is a great race that I wish I was in shape for but I'm really going for the company (brother, bro's girlfriend, my friend Todd) and the chow.  Sunday we have to head down to my mom's place to skunk proof her yard.  She has been having some serious skunk problems of late and we need to block off the underside of her huge deck and shed and maybe climb into the neighbors yard to block off a hole in their shed.  She called a pest removal company this week and traps have been set. So far they have trapped one and her Jack Russell terrier killed another.  Yes, apparently it is mighty stinky in her neighborhood right now.  After skunk proofing we head off to Safeco for a Mariners vs.  Red Sox game which should be a blast.  The members of Red Sox Nation should be out in force and they always make a game fun.

But the big fun of the weekend (maybe) is something I don't have any clue about.  Kevin has planned a surprise for me on Saturday and won't tell me what it is except that it is "once in a lifetime" and "epic".  He actually back pedalled on the word "epic" a bit so as not to raise my expectations but still maintains it will be awesome.  I am so excited!  I have no idea what the expect.  I have tried a few guesses but he says I haven't got it right yet.  Of course, even if I did he wouldn't tell me.  Also I have mad, kind of spooky guessing skills and he is on guard for me to get it right and he is being very tight-lipped with clues.  He won't even tell me what clothes I am supposed to wear until Saturday morning.  Maybe I walk out in heels and a dress, maybe I walk out in flippers and a swimsuit.  No clue.

So far my best guesses have been some sort of extra-special super behind the scenes Safeco tour or a behind the scenes at the zoo tour where I get to hug penguins.  Maybe a tour of Safeco while hugging a penguin?!  That. Would. Be. Awesome.  But those are all the guesses I have for something once in a lifetime that could happen this particular Saturday for a few hours.  I can't wait to see what he has come up with!

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