Monday, August 22, 2011

The Great Closet Purge

This weekend I finally finished a project I have been working on for the past two weeks:  The Great Closet Purge.  I decided awhile ago that I wanted to give my closet a good gutting and get down to pieces I actually will, and do, wear.  I wanted to get brutal with it.  I also am beyond ready to jazz up my wardrobe a little bit and you can't do that when you have a closet full of crap.  Here was my purge criteria:
  • It had to be something I loved or at least really, really liked.  No more clothes I felt "meh" in or about.
  • It had to either fit now or be within eight pounds of fitting.  Totally arbitrary number I agree but it seemed more reasonable than either five or ten pounds.
  • It had to be comfortable. No pulling or tugging or, in the case of shoes, bunion hurting.
  • It had to be in decent shape.  So no overly faded, or pilled or frayed clothes.
So with those criteria in mind I tried on every stinkin' item in that closet.  Every. Damn. Piece.  And I looked in the mirror and assessed.  And I turned this mess

into this (OK, the change is more noticeable in person but humor me; it was a lot of work and is noticeable in person)

There is so much more room in there now and when I look at all the items I know it is all stuff I want and can and do wear.  It's funny, but having less in the closet actually feels like having more when it is filled with clothes you want.  It is liberating and I can not recommend this process highly enough. 

Here is the giveaway pile and the final tally of items to be donated.
  • 7 pairs of shoes
  • 8 purses
  • 13 sleeveless or tank top style shirts
  • 16 casual or t-shirt style shirts
  • 9 workout shirts
  • 18 dressier shirts/blouses
  • 15 sweaters
  • 5 pairs of shorts
  • 2 pairs of pants
  • 4 dresses
  • 7 pairs of pajamas
  • 4 jackets/blazers
  • 2 suits
  • 17 skirts
    Total items to be donated:  127
Now before you think I am some crazy shopaholic I would like to point out that some of those things have been in my closet forever.  Like since the late 90's kind of forever and I had been hanging on to them because they are cute and I thought I might like to wear them when I lost weight.  Some were more recent than that but a lot of them have been in there for many, many years.  I came to the realization that if/when I lose the weight I deserve new clothes and to let go of all the old things.  

Oh, and here is a disturbing blast from the past.  The skirt I am holding up in this picture was the same one I comfortably wore to my job interview 13 years ago for my current job.  
Yes, I am holding up the right seam to my right hip where a skirt would normally fit and yes, that skirt did fit beautifully 13 years ago.  I just want to go back and kick my 27 year-old self in the shins for ever thinking I was fat back then.  I actually contemplated my bone structure after holding this skirt up to my waist and wondering if it was physically possible that I fit into it at one point.  *sigh* 

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Liane said...

Hooray! Good for you. I love, love,love closet purges! It is totally liberating, and I am a huge advocate of getting rid of the 'meh' in ones life, in whatever form it takes.