Thursday, June 23, 2011

Money Talks

Married life has been suiting us just fine.  Since we have been together for so long and have lived together for awhile there has been no major adjustment period.  In fact, the only difference is I feel more in love with Kevin than before (sorry for the sap) and I feel even closer to him. Oh, and we have developed a freaky ability to read each other's thoughts all the time.  It's actually a little frightening how often it happens.  But there is one major marriage adjustment hurdle still before us and we are going to tackle that tonight:  finances.

Now, we have talked finances quite a bit already and know how much each other makes and what our debts are and what our living expenses are.  We have not, however, combined any of that.  We did open a joint account for wedding expenses after we got engaged but that is as far as the merging has gone.  We have been together long enough to know each other's financial styles and even though they aren't an exact match they are close enough that it won't be a big stumbling block.  I also know that money is the number one thing couples fight about so that little nugget of information is probably in the back of both of our minds as we start down this path. 

It shouldn't be too horrible but it will definitely be new ground for both of us.  I have never had to confer with anyone about my retirement account deductions or which health plan to choose or direct debit vs. bill pay or what I choose to spend my money on.  Those decisions have always been mine and mine alone. Learning to make them together will be a whole new experience for us.  We aren't merging everything but enough to be a little intimidating. Time to open some wine and break out the 10 key (I'm old school like that) and crunch some numbers.  Woo!

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