Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hello. My Name Is Ann-Marie And I'm A Diet Coke Addict.

I have been thinking about healthy eating again lately and examining what I put in my body.  While I am never going to be someone who makes drastic switches or eliminates any food entirely I do realize that there are some basic changes I can make to my daily diet to make it healthier and more natural.  I love Lean Cuisines because of the convenience factor but maybe I could cut those back to once or twice a week instead of the five day a week schedule I am currently doing.  Maybe I can eat a real breakfast instead of grabbing a Zone Perfect bar on my way out the door.  And maybe, just maybe, I can reduce my consumption of Diet Coke. 
I don't fall into the camp that believes Aspartame is evil but I do think perhaps that fewer chemicals going into your body might not be an entirely bad idea.  Also, the happy bubbles that I consume throughout the day make me look pregnant by the time evening rolls around.  Seriously, my morning belly is vastly different from my night belly.  Cutting back on carbonation has got to help that, right?

So my plan is to wean myself down to a two can a day habit.  I am starting this week by limiting myself to four cans a day.  After a week or two of this I am going to go to three cans a day and then landing at two cans a day.   Then maybe I can start in on my Lean Cuisine problem.


Kath said...

I never thought I would hear you utter words like this, Ann-Marie. I'm impressed. ;)

The CilleyGirl said...

Wow, I thought I was bad being back up to three cans a day! I really want to get back to two but work stress hasn't let me do it quite yet. This past week I've been living on diet coke, hot pockets, and pringles. I'm starting to feel like one big chemical but otherwise I won't eat during the day unless it's really simple.