Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Five Weeks of Awkward

I finally broke down and signed Kevin and I up for dance classes.  He has been after me to take lessons with him from very early in our relationship and frankly, I just had too much going on for too long to want to deal with it.  I am not opposed to the idea at all I just think I am more realistic about our abilities than he is.  I have taken a few lessons in the past with not such a good success rate.  Stiff, awkward, type A people like myself should watch dance and appreciate it that way instead of participating.  But I signed us up anyway.

We have signed up for a five-week session of beginning East Coast Swing that will hopefully have us moving slightly less robotically by the end of November.  Tonight was the first session and it actually was kind of fun; hideous traffic to Capitol Hill excluded. 

Part of the impetus for signing up for classes now is that there is this whole wedding thing looming before us.  We haven't decided if we are going to have a first dance or not yet but if we do we want to be prepared.  If we don't we can still utilize our mad skillz at our wedding and any other social events we may go to in the future.

I am pretty certain I will go to sleep hearing "rock, step, triple-step, triple-step" in my sleep tonight.

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