Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Beach Weekend Getaway

Mom and I went to the beach for a long weekend and this was my view for three days.  It was fabulous.  I basically did nothing other than sit on our deck and look out at this for days.  The weather was warm, blue skies and no wind.  Abnormal for a Washington beach especially in October.

To break up the sitting and reading and talking to Mom I ran five miles on both Saturday and Sunday.  The last time I went that far was quite awhile ago so it felt good to get into "high" mileage again.  In addition to the running I also did some swimming and, like a good Finn, some sauna-ing. 

We also ate some wonderful food including a pumpkin yogurt/honey granola trifle that haunts my dreams.  Movies and horrible wedding shows were watched and a good time was had by both.

This weekend was probably the most relaxed I have been in awhile.  Our typical vacations are "go go go" the entire time and this was refreshing to just do nothing and have no agenda.  I know it was a much needed escape for my mother too.  She almost didn't go but gave in to me and was extremely glad she did.  After the crappy year she has had she deserved a few days of R and R.

Oh, and on our way down to the beach on Friday we stopped at a bridal store and I bought my wedding dress!  Whoo-hoo! 


Judy said...

Yipee for no schedule, time with your Mom, and finding your DRESS!!! I can't wait to see it. :0)

The CilleyGirl said...

I have a feeling that my Sunday overnight trip to Cannon Beach will look nothing like that. So it's nice to have a visual to comfort me.

aeep said...

This sounds like an awesome weekend. Not sure how you guys got better weather than we did but...
And you found a dress?!? Cool!

Kath said...

Pictures, pictures, pictures, please!!! (Of the dress!!)