Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Swans and Snow

Friday night I took Mom to see PNB's "Swan Lake". Kevin joined us as well. It was another stellar production by the company but the ballerina we saw dance the Odette/Odille role two years ago was much better. This woman was good but the other dancer was amazing.

It was Mom's first really big outing since the knee replacement surgery and she did very well. She is eagerly looking forward to her next ballet experience. Next time though we are going on a weekend. To get us both there I had to leave work, rush home to change, rush all the way to Federal Way to get her, drive back to Seattle and then drive her back home afterwards. We almost missed the curtain. It is too much to squeeze into a Friday night.Saturday was filled with long overdue errands, chores, homework and a few hours of actual work. Nothing exciting but I got lots of necessary things done and a little bit of sleep.

Sunday morning Kevin and I went up to the pass to go snow tubing. The weather was glorious! Warm and sunny and fabulous. The problem is prolonged periods of warm and sunny and fabulous makes for some lousy tubing conditions. The tubes would stop about half-way down the lane and then you had to trudge down the rest of the way.

We had a good time even with the cruddy conditions. I also discovered that I lack basic snow tubing skills. What's that you say? You didn't know there were such things as basic snow tubing skills? Well, there aren't but I still managed to be completely incapable this time of going down the hill head first without tumbling off the tube. Kevin was able to snap this pic of a particularly spectacular FAIL I had on my last run of the day.

Yup. Still sliding down the hill. Been sliding for awhile at this point. I am made of awesome.


Fishergirl said...

Anne, you body-tube-surf-slide the best I've ever seen! Really.
Did the snow get into your underpants, or were you snugged up good?

The Devil's Starchy Fingers said...

I didn't get snow in my underpants but my snow pants have always had a faulty snap and since I have become cow-like the snap is even faultier. I was unsnapped and half-unzipped for most of the day so it is shear luck that I didn't end up body-tube-surf-sliding down the hill with my pants around my ankles. I didn't think it was possible to look like a bigger dork on the hill but THAT would definitely have done it.