Thursday, April 16, 2009

I Am Normal

Nope, nothing wrong with me according to the physical therapist. This is good news. I went to see her because I have been having pain in my right hip on and off since January. It used to bother me the day after a run but the last few weeks it was bothering me all the time. I could feel it with every step and it hurt. She doesn't think it is anything more than extremely tight hip flexor muscles and possibly a little bit of tight IT band, which is a body part I didn't even know existed until I started running.

I was concerned about the hip pain because I was convinced the extreme tightness in my calf muscles and the Morton's Neuroma in my left foot were throwing off my gait and causing the pain in the opposite hip. They still might be, but for the next two weeks I am merely to stretch and see where that gets me. The PT thinks she will need to do some strengthening exercises for the calves but first wants to see if the almost burning pain I get on a stretch is because of a nerve or not. It is very odd; I do the stretches but then I am "aware" of my lower leg for a long time afterwards. It isn't calf pain, it isn't numbness, it isn't tingling, it is somewhere in between and it is best described as being aware. I am of the opinion that you shouldn't be aware of any body part that you aren't actively using.

I plan on being a very compliant patient and do my stretches every day. I am even looking at fitting a yoga class into my schedule somewhere (ha!) so I can achieve proper Gumby-ness.

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