Sunday, February 1, 2009

What's Up?

I have been kind of MIA lately so here is a run down of what I have been up to these past two weeks:
  • Studying, studying, studying. It is what I should be doing right now but I have fought the good fight on this tax problem long enough and it is time to let it go. Ugh. This quarter is a killer.
  • Dealing with various family health issues. Surgery. Blood transfusions. New chemo. Nursing home. Infection. Pharmaceutical fights. Pain. Non-compliance. Good times.
  • Running. I am actually on a fairly regular schedule again and have my pace for a three-miler under 11:00. Sad that that is an achievement for me but I took so much time off last fall that it is going to take awhile to get back in the game. I did a four miler on Monday and it felt great and I know I could have stretched it out to five or six. Patience, Grasshopper.
  • Saw "The Cody Rivers Show" with my dear friend Liane, her boyfriend, and Kevin. Odd, weird, quite indescribable sketch comedy stuff. Go see them when they come to your town. I'm talking to you "Blue Sky Girls!" They are Bellingham based so the Fisher's should be able to see them at some point too but they aren't scheduled to right now. Do yourselves a favor and check the schedule. Did I mention, odd?
  • Painting of Kevin's master bedroom closet. What started as a simple quest for a new closet organizer resulted in the room being gutted, repainted, carpeting ripped up, laminate floors installed and a new light fixture. He has been working very hard and I have only been able to help with the paining and not much else.
  • Work. Sweet, sweet work.

That's all for now kiddies. Back to the tax book. This week looks more interesting. A PNB performance Friday night, a 5K race where I will probably set a personal worst on Sunday, ridiculously expensive feline dental work, and if the infernal studying doesn't get in the way, a chocolate and wine festival on Saturday.

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Kath said...

Study tax stuff sounds truly hideous. Hats off to you, college girl. : )